Japanese knotweed

This species is prohibited under Michigan law; forms dense thickets that shade out natives; rhizomes can damage pavement; extremely difficult to eradicate; spread by flood waters.

Bohemian knotweed

Hybrid cross between Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) and Giant knotweed (Polygonum sachalinensis).

Giant knotweed

Hybridizes with Japanese knotweed and silver lace vine (P. baldschuanicum).

Invasive phragmites

This species has been listed as a restricted species under Michigan law; forms dense, impenetrable stands.

European frog-bit

This species is listed as a prohibited noxious weed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture; most plants are dioecious and many populations consist of only one sex; in mixed populations, most plants are male and little seed is produced.


Black/pale swallow- wart

Grows rapidly over native vegetation; wind-dispersed seed travels long distances.

More information regarding these and other woody invasive species can be found at

the Woody Invasives of the Great Lakes Collaborative

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