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Together, with Linda, our MAEAP Specialist, Jean from NRCS, Bridgett, our Invasive Species Educator/District Manager, and all of our resource specialist partners, we will help our community make partnerships and connect resource needs to protect soil and water for generations; not only today's generation but future generations. 

We are a governmental agency established under state law to carry out programs for conservation, use and development of soil, water, and related resources at the local level.


At KCD, we partner with federal and state agencies to coordinate and implement conservation and environmental programs throughout the community. We have capabilities in resource protection, development and management. 


These abilities have equipped us to be catalysts in bringing together facets of the community that will benefit from a united undertaking to address resource problems and needs.

KCD Mission


"Protecting Soil & Water for Generations; not only today's generation but future generations."


In order to meet our mission, we work closely with the community, identifying resource needs then partnering with others who have similar goals to address those needs.


By implementing technologies and practices that are environmentally friendly we can ensure long term use of our precious natural resouces.


By working together we can make a difference in the protection of our natural resources.

KCD Staff: 


District Manager:

Bridgett Bell

269.382.5121 ext. 150


MAEAP Specialist:

Linda Zabik

269.382.5121 ext. 151



BCK CISMA Invasive Outreach Educator

Bridgett Bell

269.382.5121, Ext 133



NRCS Staff: 

District Conservationist:

Jean Gagliardo

269.382.5121 ext. 130





KCD Hours

Mon-Fri :

09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Because we are a field office, please call BEFORE your visit

Phone: 269.382.5121

EXT. 5


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