Kalamazoo County MAEAP Cost Share

Cost Share Dollars are made available through MAEAP and is dispersed on a first come first serve basis with a cap of $500 per producer*.  Priority will be given to farms that are actively working toward MAEAP verification. Producer must complete the applicable MAEAP assessment in order to receive cost share dollars. 


*Producers that have not previously received cost share from the Kalamazoo Conservation District may be given priority over producers that have received cost share in previous years. 

Examples of Eligible Practices:       

  • Well Decommissioning
  • Pesticide Spill Kit
  • Soil Test Kits
  • Water Analyses (Nitrates and Coliform)
  • Pesticide Container Rinse Nozzle
  • Drain Plugs
  • Anti-Backflow valves
  • Manure Analysis
  • Manure composting pad
  • Closed Pesticide Application System
  • Dry Couplers
  • Locking valves for fertilizer and pesticide storage
  • Secondary containment for pesticides and fertilizer
  • Seasonal Pesticide Storage
  • Spray Nozzles (tips)
  • Bulk fertilizer operational pad
  • Impermeable surface for fueling facility
  • Replacement petroleum tank
  • Irrigation Uniformity Evaluation (max 1,000-foot system including end gun)

 (Please note that producer may be asked to provide a 1099 form for any items exceeding $250)

Want more information?

If you are interested in receiving cost share and work towards MAEAP verification, please fill out the MAEAP Contact Form. Thank you for your interest in MAEAP!

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