"Protecting Soil & Water for Generations; not only today's generation but future generations."
"Protecting Soil & Water for Generations; not only today's generation but future generations."


The Kalamazoo Conservation District is fortunate to have an historic collection of aerial photos. The collection consists of photos flown in 1938, 1950, 1960, 1967 and 1974.  There are photo legends available for each year for easy navigation.  There are a couple different options available to our customers for viewing these photos. There is also an option to purchase the complete set.

Visit our office to view photos                       or have a few photos emailed to you:

If you only need to view a few photos, please call us for an appointment and we will have photographs ready for your viewing at a cost of $25.


If you can't make it into the office, we can email you the photos you need at a cost of $25/hour. 


Payment for these services is easy - just click the "Pay Here" button below to be directed to our online store. A digital receipt will be provided for your records.

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Complete DVD available for sale!

A DVD of Kalamazoo County's historic aerial photographs can be purchased from the Kalamazoo Conservation District.  The DVD is a collection of photos flown in 1938, 1950, 1960, 1967 and 1974.  The photo legend to the collection is easy to navigate with photos keyed by year and township. An excellent resource containing over 600 photos for $250.




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