"Protecting Soil & Water for Generations; not only today's generation but future generations."
"Protecting Soil & Water for Generations; not only today's generation but future generations."

The Kalamazoo Conservation District office will be closed Monday May 27 in observance of Memorial Day.


The Kalamazoo Conservation District office will be closed Monday June 3 and Tuesday June 4 for employees to attend the  2019 MACD Summer Conference.


Established in 1946, Kalamazoo Conservation District is an independent county level resource assisting residents, producers, and communities to help resolve natural resource concerns.  The District is self-funded, serving the public with revenue obtained through an annual tree and shrub fundraiser sale, grants, and sponsorshipts/donations..

Kalamazoo Conservation District works with a variety of other local, state, and federal agencies and organizations to accomplish greater results in conservation and protection of our local natural resources.

As a result of the Dust Bowl in the 1920s from severe erosion due to negatively impacting farm practices, Congress established the Natural Resources Conservation Service, which directed money toward programs that would help protect natural resources and empower landowners to become better stewards of the land.  But with no delivery approach for the federal programs, Congress realized that a local level organization was needed to help promote conservation programs available to agricultural landowners.  Thus, a Conservation District Law was established, allowing communities to elect their own county conservation district boards, which would partner with the federal agencies and serve as the storefront and information center for available conservation programs and assistance.



Conservorama 2019




On May 22, some of the Kalamazoo County's 5th graders spent the day outside at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary learning about Conservation. They built native bee houses, played a game to illustrate how invasive species compete with native species, identified household hazardous waste, learned how to plant a tree, found aquatic macroinvertebrates, observed bald eagles and discussed bioaccumulation, and watched a demonstration of stormwater runoff.


"Every station was very interactive and engaged the students!" - participating teacher



KCD would like to thank our partners Kellogg Bird Sanctuary,  MSU Extension Kalamazoo 4-H,  Kalamazoo County Drain Commission Office, BCK-CISMA, Kalamazoo County Household Hazardous Waste, the Farm Bureau, and the KCD volunteers in providing support and educational activites for the students.

Support for this program was provided by a grant from the Kalmazoo Community Foundation.

Local Events

Interested in collecting and using rain water for your plants this summer? The cities of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo are hosting rain barrel sales through June 18.  




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