We are a governmental agency established under state law to carry out programs for conservation, use and development of soil, water, and related resources at the local level.


Established in 1946, Kalamazoo Conservation District is an independent county level resource assisting Kalamazoo County residents resolve natural resource concerns.  The District is self-funded, serving the public with revenue obtained through an annual tree and shrub fundraiser sale, grants, sponsorships and donations.


At KCD, we partner with federal and state agencies to coordinate and implement conservation and environmental programs throughout the community. We have capabilities in resource protection, development and management. 


As a result of the Dust Bowl in the 1920s from severe erosion due to negatively impacting farm practices, Congress established the Natural Resources Conservation Service, which directed money toward programs that would help protect natural resources and empower landowners to become better stewards of the land.  But with no delivery approach for the federal programs, Congress realized that a local level organization was needed to help promote conservation programs available to agricultural landowners.  Thus, a Conservation District Law was established, allowing communities to elect their own county conservation district boards, which would partner with the federal agencies and serve as the storefront and information center for available conservation programs and assistance.

KCD Mission


"Protecting Soil & Water for Generations; not only today's generation but future generations."


In order to meet our mission, we work closely with the community, identifying resource needs then partnering with others who have similar goals to address those needs.


By implementing technologies and practices that are environmentally friendly we can ensure long term use of our precious natural resources.


By working together we can make a difference in the protection of our natural resources.

Together with James, our MAEAP Technician; Linda, our Conservation Program Assistant; Elizabeth, our District Manager; Di'Shun Melbert, NRCS District Conservationist, and all of our resource specialist partners, we will help our community make partnerships and connect resource needs to protect soil and water for generations; not only today's generation but future generations

KCD Staff: 

KCD OFFICE: 269.775.3368


District Manager:

Elizabeth Rochow



Conservation Program Assistant

Linda Zabik




MAEAP Technician

James Benjamin




BCK CISMA Coordinator

Sara Huetteman




Produce Safety Technician

Patrick Gordon

269.471.9111 ext. 3



NRCS Staff: 

District Conservationist:

Di'Shun Melbert





KCD Hours

Mon-Thu :

09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Because we are a field office, please call BEFORE you visit so that someone can assist you.

Phone: 269.775.3368

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