Love Kalamazoo County? Believe in Conservation? Consider serving on our Board!
Love Kalamazoo County? Believe in Conservation? Consider serving on our Board!

Roadside Trash Collection Resources

The Kalamazoo Conservation Disrict organized a trash pick-up event in 2022 (please read below for additional information about this successful event!) We were able to clean the equipment that we used, such as trash pickers and vests and have lots of extra supplies available. If you would like to use these resources for your own roadside trash collection event, please reach out to us. Here is a list of supplies that we could provide you for your event:


  • ​Safety vests
  • trash pickers
  • gloves
  • large heavy duty garbage bags
  • first aid kits
  • disenfectant wipes

South County Trash Bash  April 9th, 2022!

In April 2022, KCD organized a trash pick up event. This project was generously funded through Enbridge's Fueling Futures grant. Within a few hours,  two dumpsters were filled with all sorts of trash found along country roads in Pavillion, Climax, Schoolcraft, Wakeshma and Brady Townships.  

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