Soil Testing Information

Soil Tests for Agriculture Crops, Commercial Growers, Pastures, and Wildlife Forage:


The District works with A&L Great Lakes Laboratories for soil sampling. We have sampling bags available for pickup at the office. Along with the bag, you will receive an informational packet including instructions on sampling and a form to be filled out and sent with your soil sample to A&L Great Lakes Laboratories.  While the lab address is on the bag, we strongly recommend that you send bags packaged into a larger box to protect them during shipping. You will be responsible for mailing/shipping your own soil samples to the lab.


Find more information about soil testing options at A&L Laboratories here.


Basic instructions for collecting samples:


1.  Using a soil probe, spade or trowel, and a clean plastic pail, sample in a zigzag fashion throughout a uniform area.


2.  Take a representative sampling of the soil in the area you are testing, 15-20 subsamples. Sampling depths are as follows:

  • Field Soils - 8 inches
  • Garden Soils - 6 to 8 inches
  • Lawn - 3 inches below turf

3.  Combine all samples into the plastic pail and mix thoroughly.  Fill a soil sample box with the sample, or package about a pint of soil.


4.  Fill out an information form and send it in with the soil sample to the soil testing lab.


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